About Us

Who We Are ?

We are Boston, Massachusetts based Information Technology Services start-up who wants to be a catalyst in providing technology solutions and staffing with a strong domain expertise in the various industries. Our entrepreneurial mindset helps our clients solving problems in an efficient and effective manner which would help them launching their products faster and more frequently in the market. Our goal is to solve customer problems, reduce product development costs, improve revenues and contribute to clients success.

What We Do ?

Our strength is in our entrepreneurial nature, highly skilled professionals and very strong in software product development and management including managing complete product and software development life cycle – market analysis, business case development, product design, integration, testing & validation, training the end users, launching in the market and feed the market feedback back to the organization. We have an extensive experience in both Waterfall and Agile/SAFe/Lean methodologies. We want to be the best in what we do – consistent performance, high quality delivery, and keeping the expectations is our philosophy.

Why Are We Here ?

We are passionate engineers, consultants, technology professionals and experts in the majority of the industry technology domains. Our goal is to bring value to our clients. We are here to offer our knowledge, skills, expertise, innovations to the businesses, organizations, non-profits, governments who are looking for partners like us to help contribute in their needs and success. We are confident that we will make a difference and see a positive change in the business lives of people and organizations who constantly look for innovative ways to solve problems, improve, get better and grow.