abcIndustry focus

Valleyminds partner with all industries including Corporate IT, Healthcare, Education, Energy, Insurance, Financial, Manufacturing, Energy, Auto mobile, telecommunications, Retail, Utilities and many more.

abcBusiness Insights

We are striving for providing insights for various industries with an efficient and effective operational excellence models which ultimately contributes to the business success & Growth. Solutions offered are Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, data centric solutions etc.,

abcSystems Development

Combined with core capabilities of Industry experience, Information Technologies and Engineering skills with an agile delivery models, Valleyminds is at the forefront of delivering exceptional results. Market targeted, industry focused, application specific products are key to succeed in the market place while keeping the strategy broad and open for platforms, frameworks, systems development and management which would serve the majority of the markets, industries and client base.

abcApplications and Framework

Designing, development and deployment of software applications, tools, technologies for businesses, non-profit organizations and government are our core functional capabilities. Technology staffing and software consulting services is an added layer in our solutions strategy which would further help strengthen and streamline the business activities of our clients.

abcConsulting Services

We are technology professionals and process innovators. We believe technology & innovation should happen together to create products that are sustainable. We offer services in all phases of product life cycle management and software development. Whether you need services in Product Strategy & Management, technology strategy planning, roadmap development, business development, software application or system development, R&D, Maintenance, QA, Testing, Integration or Release management, process improvement, collecting market or field feedback or combination of any of these services including technology staffing because every part of the software development life cycle is key to the software application & systems development and innovation. We are here to offer high quality and customer valued solutions and services.


Corporate IT

  • Corporate IT Solutions helps organizations to analyze core business impact, costs, and ROI.


  • Healthcare technology and compliance with regulations is a key to make difference and to sustain in



  • Design and develop energy management systems that are compelling and competitive enough for the fut



  • Finance management and IT solutions go one in another for either asset management, banking, or orga


Talent Matters

Our consultants are trained constantly and posses exceptional skills from our development programs.


Projects That Fit Your Lifestyle

Your vision and priorities drive schedules and costs.


A Partner & Advocate

We create partnerships and grow together.